Bicycle Repair Man

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About Me

Bicycle Repair Man

Pedal powered stuff mechanic
I've been a professional bicycle mechanic since 2006, and I have used, tested, assembled, repaired and tuned up hundreds of bicycles of all kinds, as well as components and accessories, since then. But I have most experience (and a personal interest) in commuter, touring and professional vehicles, either being electric, folding, recumbent, having 2 or more wheels. I have also been teaching basic bike maintenance for several years. I'm fascinated by our ability to travel using just our own energy!
With the right tools, we can have an active life, go almost everywhere by bicycle and bring with us everything we need, wether it's for work, errands or plain fun.
I'm here to help you adhere to this lifestyle and enjoy it more.
For now this service is exclusive for vehicles assembled and acquired from Cenas a Pedal.

Newsletter of Cenas a Pedal to know more about our activities. Sparse and written In Portuguese.



What I do

Repair of all kinds of pedal powered vehicles

Custom build of utility bicycles and tricycles

Custom pedelec conversions: installation of electric assistance kits

Installation of dynamo powered lighting systems

Conversion and installation of internal geared hub systems from Shimano, Nuvinci and Rohloff

Custom wheel builds for touring, cargo and other needs


Bom dia bruno. Funciona tudo na perfeição. Roda OK, mudanças perfeitas, tudo Impec Obrigado
"Funciona tudo na perfeição", Pedro
A bici vai fina, suave, como manteiga, e atingi uma boa velocidade em plano quase sem me aperceber! Irei dando feed-backs com o uso
"Genial!!!", Ana
[A bicicleta ficou] Excelente! Nunca esteve assim! :)
"Nunca esteve assim!", Rui
A bicicleta está óptima, parece nova! Obrigado pelo bom trabalho,
"Parece nova!", António